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  • Modules

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    Getting to MVP

    Four Weeks

    Stage: Idea stage, prototype stage startups

    Format: Live webinars

    Objective: Help you move from the idea stage to an MVP of your product.


    1. Introduction to Lean Methodology and Canvas
    2. Solving a Problem, for a Market, with a Product
    3. Understanding your Unique Value Proposition
    4. Building your MVP (finally!)

    Business Metrics for Growth

    Four Weeks

    Stage: Revenue stage startups

    Format: Live webinars

    Objective: Dig deeper into your unit economics and AARRR funnel.


    1. Calculating your unit economics
    2. Understanding your AARRR funnel
    3. Setting up your North Star Metric and KPIs
    4. Understanding your growth levers to scale faster

    Get ready for Fundraising

    Four Weeks

    Stage: Revenue stage startups

    Format: Live webinars

    Objective: Develop your fundraising strategy, make sure your data room is in order and prepare you for the investor negotiations.


    1. Developing your Fundraising strategy
    2. Managing your Cap Table
    3. Defining valuations
    4. Preparing for due diligence
  • Methodology

    Our content is created by in-house experts and based on our work with thousands of startup across emerging markets.

    Action-Driven Webinars

    You will have the chance to dig into the specific webinar topics and discuss how they apply to your business with our in-house experts.


    You will also have a chance to connect and learn from fellow entrepreneurs.

    Individual Assignments

    Each webinar is followed by an assignment directly linked to your business. Deep-dive into the topic and improve that business area.


    You can also use the assignment outcomes as a foundation for investor discussions.

    Mentoring Sessions

    Review the completed assignments and discuss your business needs with our mentors. Get feedback on your business performance.


    The sessions are held in groups, so you can gain knowledge from similar businesses.

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    Our mission is impacting people's lives in emerging markets through entrepreneurship and technology. We do so by supporting startups like yours to reach their investment goals and contribute to the global impact locally.

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    "We are happy to have participated in the Investment Readiness Program. Every module was organised professionally with its unique content, tests and discussion topics. The knowledge gained will be actively used in practice. Our sincere thanks to Seedstars!"


    Nabiry Jumanne​

    Founder at Sheria Kiganjani


    Previous Program Participants

    "The Investment Readiness Program is an eye-opener for Worknasi. We were thinking we were ready for fundraising, but sincerely we were not! Now after going through the program, we are now ready for investment and we look forward to starting fundraising using skills and knowledge gained!"


    Edgar Mwampinge

    Founder at Worknasi

    Previous Program Participants

    "The time we have spent with the Seedstars Team has been increasingly insightful. We have learnt so much by being on the program and can visibly see a difference in the way and how we identify and then resolve problem in our business."

    Previous Program Participants

    "The program was packed with lots of knowledge areas relevant to business growth and expansion. We re-learnt some of the things we thought we knew and I was able to gather lots of information and knowledge on specific areas of the business that needed improvement."